One Lump or Two?
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What makes us so different?
One Lump or Two? ® Minneapolis,MN 55410
We specialize in elegantly dressed tea tables. You tell us the look you want and we'll find just the right elements in our butler's pantry to create an enchanting tablescape for your special tea party. 

We bring all of your tablescape and menu selections to your home, where we prepare the table, put the finishing touches on the menu, and serve your guests.

Allow us to make your next party effortless for you and unforgettable for your guests.

Our services start at $295 for small teas, plus the cost of your food.  

One Lump or Two? creates the ultimate tea party for you and your guests in your own home.  

Return to a time of Old World elegance where tables dazzled the eye with sparkling crystal, gleaming sterling and crisp linens. All the hostess had to do was ring a tiny bell and the help would appear with trays groaning under the weight of tempting confections, seductive savories, scones, and steaming pots of Earl Grey tea.

Let us create this world for you right in Your Own Castle, where we'll treat you and your guests like royalty.  We do all the work, you have all the fun. So as hostess, the only decision you'll have to make is One Lump or Two?